Bill McGugin named President & CEO of Iroquois Capital Group

Nashville Business Journal, August 11, 2014, Scott Harrison – Bill McGugin has been named President and CEO of Iroquois Capital Group.

Bill McGugin has been named president and CEO of Iroquois Capital Group.

Iroquois Capital Group has named Bill McGugin as its new president and CEO, effective at the beginning of 2015, the Nashville-based merchant and investment bank announced Monday.

McGugin, who currently leads two other Iroquois portfolio companies (REIT Investment Group and Iroquois Captive Services), will replace the firm’s current president and CEO Mike Koban, who will become Iroquois’ Chairman of the Board.

The reshuffling comes as John Jacques, the current chairman and co-founder of Iroquois, announced his plans to retire at the end of 2014.

“Bill McGugin is an outstanding executive who has been a key part of the success of Iroquois, and he will provide outstanding leadership in the future,” Jacques said in a news release

McGugin has served as a director of Iroquois since 2007 and most recently launched the captive services company, aiming to tap into new legislation passed by the General Assembly.

“I have worked closely with Bill since 2009 and saw him build REIT Investment Group into one of the two leading national service providers to the private REIT industry, and I am confident that Iroquois will continue to prosper under his direction,” Koban said in the news release.

Katie Koban, director of marketing at Iroquois, said McGugin will continue to lead the firm’s REIT Investment Group and Iroquois Captive Services.

Alongside institutional investors, Iroquois invests its own capital into companies, primarily in the health care and financial services sectors. It currently has investments in several companies, including Covenant Surgical Partners, which operates around two-dozen surgery centers throughout the country.

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